Modified natural IVF

Modified natural IVF at the Center for Reproductive Medicine

Modified natural IVF is a type of “diagnostic IVF” which provides an affordable way to determine egg quality, sperm-egg interaction, early embryonic development and endometrial implantation.

In addition to being a cost-effective approach, modified natural IVF is logistically easier than standard IVF, and cycles may be repeated monthly.

As in the normal ovulatory cycle, the modified natural IVF cycle typically results in the production of a single egg. First, you will take hormonal medication to encourage ovulation. Our specialists will carefully monitor the maturation of your egg, and when it is ready, it will be retrieved during an in-office procedure under mild sedation.

We will then combine your egg with approximately 50,000 sperm in our on-site laboratory facilities to produce an embryo, which will be transferred into your uterus two to three days later.

Frequently asked questions

Like traditional IVF, modified natural IVF results in the production of an egg, which is retrieved so it can be fertilized and transferred back into your uterus. However, modified natural IVF tends to be more affordable than traditional IVF, and cycles can be repeated each month.

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Benefits to modified natural IVF

  • Diagnostic information

    Can help determine egg quality, sperm-egg interaction, embryonic development and more

  • Affordability

    Simpler and more cost-effective than traditional IVF

  • Frequency

    Cycles can be repeated each month