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CRM Blog: Fertility Journey

Cancer Patients Should Consider Fertility Preservation

November 16, 2015
By CRM Orlando

The Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) wants to help cancer patients achieve their dreams of expanding their families. Possible side effects of cancer therapies include infertility, which is why the physicians at CRM provide expedited consultation appointments to those affected by cancer prior to treatment.

Chemotherapy, age, and dosage of radiation will have an effect on the level of impact in your fertility. There are no guarantees relating to your fertility while going through cancer treatment, so our reproductive specialists recommend considering fertility preservation before you begin therapy.

There are many options for men and women available at CRM to preserve fertility. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider in vitro fertilization, embryo freezing, egg or semen preservation, and more!

CRM is a proud member of Livestrong’s Sharing Hope Program, which works to increase access of fertility preservation services to cancer patients. Contact us to learn more about Orlando’s most comprehensive program to preserve fertility!

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