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Attain IVF Flex Plans Offers Patient Discounts

August 17, 2015
By CRM Orlando

Did you know that it may take more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy and take home a baby? At the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando, we understand and offer a special discounted plan to help! Attain® IVF Flex Plans provides patients with multiple IVF cycles for a set fee. IVF cycles can be costly and cause stress, so we highly recommend an Attain program for our patients with limited to no insurance coverage.

If you plan on using your own eggs, consider the Core Plan. This plan allows for two egg retrievals and the transfer of all resulting embryos until you have a baby. The next option is the Refund Plan, which offers two or three egg retrievals, and the transfer of embryos until you have a baby. If unsuccessful, this plan provides peace of mind because you will receive a refund of up to 100%.

If you will be using a donor egg, CRM offers an Attain IVF Flex Plan for Donor Egg Recipients that allows patients to pre-pay a fixed rate that is also refundable if unsuccessful.

Be sure to schedule your initial fertility consultation today to get started. If your doctor then recommends an IVF treatment plan, notify your financial counselor that you are interested in Attain. 

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