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National Infertility Awareness Week

April 15, 2015
By CRM Staff

Infertility affects millions, 7.4 million women to be more exact, and leaves many feeling isolated and alone.  That is why RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, has chosen the simple, yet powerful message “You are not alone” as this year’s theme for National Infertility Awareness Week, set to kick off April 19th.  Their goal is to bring much needed awareness so those struggling with infertility know there is a community of support when it’s needed most.  Here’s how we can all help spread the word and increase awareness…

Take it to Social Media…

Post a fact about infertility or family building options in your status update.
Share RESOLVE’s Infertility Etiquette page on Facebook or Twitter.
If you are comfortable, share your story.   Not only will you find support from loved ones, you may also inspire others.
Share information about RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day and other RESOLVE events.
Start a blog about your infertility journey.

Get Educated…

Learn more about infertility, its causes, and the available treatments.
Sign up to receive RESOLVE’s quarterly newsletter to receive important information on infertility from the field’s most noted professionals and from the personal experiences of others.

Get Political…

Become a Grassroots Advocate and help build state advocacy infrastructure to fight anti-family bills in all 50 states.
Talk to your employer about the advantages to offering insurance coverage that covers infertility and adding adoption benefits for employees.

Local Support…

Volunteer to represent and support the local infertility community.
Become a RESOLVE sponsor to promote RESOLVE’s efforts to provide support, education, advocacy, and research.

You are not alone, and at the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando, we are here to help!  If you have any questions about infertility or are interested in hearing about treatment options that are right for you, please contact us.     

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