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Donor Egg Programs: The Center for Reproductive Medicine vs. Donor Agencies

December 17, 2014
By Dr. Randall Loy

Several weeks ago a 44-year-old new patient from the North Florida who was interested in donor egg IVF asked, “Could you explain the differences between using your Center and using an donor egg agency? Are there any advantages in using an agency?”

The second question was quicker. The answer was a resounding “No! There are no advantages whatsoever in using an egg donation agency. In fact, most such agencies add approximately $10,000 to the process without any extra benefits.”

The answer given to the patient’s first question is as follows:

Relative to most donor egg agencies which are relatively new, non-physician owned and operated “Internet companies,” the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) in Orlando has served patients in the southeastern U.S and many countries for more than 29 years and is one of the leading infertility practices in the country. With six Board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists, scores of nursing, laboratory and administrative staff, as well as a dedicated donor egg team, our three offices are strategically located to best serve patients throughout the region.

Further, CRM is one of just four partners in My Egg Bank- North America, the world’s largest and most successful egg bank. Whether patients have advanced reproductive age, decreased ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure or genetic abnormalities, we are able to give them a high chance for success using highly qualified and rigorously-screened young healthy donors.

CRM Egg Donor Program:

Hundreds of egg donors
100% Money back guarantee option
Immediate availability
FDA screened donors
Comprehensive donor profiles
Donor photos available
Majority college educated
Majority with proven fertility
Excellent success rates
Egg donor coordinators providing individualized care

At CRM we understand that you have a number of choices. However, if you want experience, expertise, high success rates combined with affordable pricing, please contact Faith Young, Chief Donor Egg Coordinator, at 407 756-1580.

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