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Coping with Infertility on Mother's Day

May 09, 2014
By Center For Reproductive Medicine Staff

With Mother's Day 2014 nearly upon us, the fertility specialists at Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando want to remind you that this is a time to celebrate and hope for the new life yet to come, and not a time for despair.  Faced with a day that is particularly difficult to navigate on an emotional level, it is not always easy and is, in fact, hard for many who are coping with infertility to maintain a positive outlook.  We recognize this and it is our job as fertility specialists, not only to help you find a successful fertility treatment plan, but also to ensure you have the right tools to help you cope with the emotional stresses that accompany infertility.

To help keep a positive outlook on your Mother's Day, we've put together a few tips and resources that we hope, will enable you to emerge Monday morning refreshed and smiling.

Focus on Celebrating the People Who Have 'Mothered' You Over the Years

Over the years, from the time you were a child through adolescence and on into your 20's and 30's, your mother, grandmother, aunts, and the other moms who held you accountable when your mom wasn't around to see, have all shaped you and contributed to the mom you will one day be.  Celebrate those who have prepared you for motherhood.

Plan Ahead, Do Something Fun with Your Spouse

Some of the best medicine is knowing you can lean on each other for support.  There are so many options for planning a fun day to celebrate each other, like hiking, taking a walk on the beach, packing a picnic lunch, or visiting a museum - most importantly, be generous with your time for each other.

Join a Support Group

There are many local and online groups that will create a supportive community to help see you through the day.  Support groups can meet your needs on many different levels, from knowing what comes next in treatment to knowing you're not alone.

Know You Can Talk to Someone and Get Support

The National Infertility Association has set up a RESOLVE HelpLine so that when you feel overwhelmed and alone, you know there is someone you can talk to.

As you consider or continue fertility treatment options, we urge you to check out the RESOLVE website at www.resolve.org or one of our previous blog posts Dealing with Infertility and Holiday Stress for additional tips and further reading on how to approach Mother's Day this year.  An infinite store of optimism awaits you!

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